University of Gaming could only choose Andrea Dato, among the Italian players with more experience at the green table and specialized in Cash Game since the beginning. The introduction of the course will highlight how the game of poker has evolved, from the classic strategies up to the present day, with the help of technology.

Reminding you that the video course is completely free, we inform you that it will soon be possible to access the private area: by signing up to the University of Gaming website, the private area will offer free video lessons of the course held by Andrea Dato.

For those wishing to study better this poker game, Andrea Dato will give the opportunity to participate in private one-to-one and group lessons.

The introductory Cash Game course by our coach Andrea Dato is online! Register in the private area to have free access to the video lessons! 


We remind you that the only e-mail to get in touch with our Cash Game coach is:

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