Stefano Terziani is one of the best MTT professional players in Italian poker. He discovered poker as many did, that is playing with friends, almost 15 years ago, and from there he has never stopped. In 2009 with the arrival of online poker in Italy, Stefano decides to test himself there too, and the results come soon by winning the most important tournaments in the Italian field. In the meantime he finishes his university studies at Bocconi University getting a degree in Finance. Shortly after he starts to work at General Electric, as a financial analyst.

But the passion for poker is strong, so he begins to work during the day and play at night. His performances at the .it tables are widely known, so after two years he leaves his job at General Electric to exclusively commit himself to poker, taking a big and risky step. He moves to London in order to be able to play on .com and maximize his skills. Also here the results are immediately more than positive, getting to play ABI 200+ in a short time with excellent results.

In addition, in the last years he has spent a lot of time making in-depth studies on the most important GTO softwares such as MonkerSolver and PioSolver. He has gained a remarkable experience in coaching having guided in his career more than 100 young people at all levels. With his great experience and knowledge Stefano is the ideal coach to approach the study of multi-table tournaments at all levels.

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