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The University of Gaming team also includes Isa Pacelli, MTI therapist and emotional assistant, with the “Health in Gaming” course. The in-depth videos on the “Health in Gaming” path are published for free on Private Area. However our MTI therapist is already available for a paid one-to-one path of mental and physical assistance remotely.

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Blood cleaning from toxins that obstruct the reasoning. Dirty blood means a blur, slow, unstable and not very resistant brain.


Imagine a vagabond who has never taken a hot shower, imagine that the discomfort, the irritability, the heaviness after eating, the sleepiness, the anger and the bad mood disappear…

Cleaning pays off! Always! But it needs to be done from within yourself!


Remote mental and physical assistance in A 21-days one-to-one program.

It consists in the post game session Reset, in the blood cleaning from toxins that impede the reasoning and the emotional stability, in the annual liver cleaning, preparatory herbs for mental training and concentration techniques.  Release of the mucus triggered by gaming stress. Personalized strengthening diet. Optional final body treatments in the studio.

One-to-one assistance is the foundation of the MTI method

Her 21-day cleansing and reset technique manages to give excellent results by clearing the body and mind and preparing anyone for a better emotional management approach, greater concentration and physical health. It is performed in video call with an optional final two-day body treatment session in the studio.


In order to understand if you are suitable for the 21 days, a call with Isa Pacelli is made and in the session itself a test is performed, and at the end a personalized path and a never performed before project of total, mental and physical cleaning will be proposed.


Her techniques are recognized by the World Health Organization as traditional medicine and have changed the lives of many people in a short period of time.

Internationally certified by Clinica Ospedaliera and Kerala government, she specialized in purifying nutrition and intense meditative techniques with mental training according to the neuroscientific method created by professors of the California University.

Yoga and Medicine teacher applied to nervous and articular disorders. Master’s in Gong and healing sound, phytotherapist, she uses natural integration produced in Germany to facilitate purification and strengthening processes, ranging from concentration to mood management, up to the rebalancing of the circadian rhythm (responsible for processes that activate the production of the happiness hormones, stress hormones and sleep facilitating hormones).

Isa Pacelli, an MTI therapist, boasts certificates and diplomas which attest more than 2000 hours of study and 15 years of attendance at Italian and foreign schools, has an internship for big traditional medicine clinics, and is one of the few therapists who is allowed to attend conferences on alternative medicine restricted to doctors, collaborates with surgical clinics for purification after anesthesia and surgeries, sports centers and specialists of the health of great athletes, she has been a therapist for great players, athletes who work with concentration, in poker she has looked after: Dario Sammartino, Giacomo Loccarini and many others. She was therapist of pool world champion Fabio Petroni, and she is the director of her own MTI Clinic and of Studio Parioli in Rome.

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