Former professional poker player, among the first Supernova Elite in 2010 and a record holder of 70 Sit & Go’s in one hour and 500 Sit & Go’s in 24 hours, Filippo Battistelli is our role model as Gaming Advisor, our expert gaming consultant. A professional who put himself in the game of life, he has the enthusiasm to teach and learn (“because teaching you learn“, underlines Battistelli) and was already investing in training back in 2010.

Battistelli‘s experience provides the community with an important contribution to work on the mindset and techniques of the industry, in order to become experts in this field. Our Betting Coaches will use the social channels and the platform to be always at aspiring professional bettors side, leading them in their training path.

How to contact the Betting Team

For all kind of requests of our customers, University of Gaming provides the community with a specific contact email for the Betting section, in order to have direct contact with our experts in the Betting Team:

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