Andrea Dato would need no introduction. He is one of the most experienced Italian players, a veteran of the green table. Son of art, given his bridge champions parents, Andrea has nurtured a big love for cards since he was a child, even if they weren’t poker cards, but Magic’s, the first and most famous collectible card games. In 2004 he approaches poker while conducting his university studies which he’ll finish becoming an Engineer for Environment and Territory.

But in 2008 his playing skills will lead him to quit his job to exclusively commit himself to poker. Andrea Dato specializes in cash game, but he also regularly plays MTT tournaments as evidenced by his first place at the WPT Main Event in Venice in 2014. Study and mathematics are a constant in his working life, as an engineer and now as a professional poker. His competence and commitment led him to the fourteenth place of the Italy All Time Money List.

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