University of Gaming is not just poker: the Betting section in the University is very important and is directed by Marcello Marigliano, Head of Betting Course at UG and poker legend, now a professional bettor player. The teachings will focus mainly on playing techniques, bankroll techniques and on the importance and management of the mindset.

“To generate the more, you have to find the less.

Marcello Marigliano

Are you betting enthusiast who would like to discover all the secrets to stop simply gambling and become an expert?

We use our social channels and above everything the best professionals in the field to give you tips and suggestions. University of Gaming, through the Telegram channel, had created a real class of performing and more competent bettors!

Marcello Marigliano, Head of Betting Course

He has been in the poker élite since the 2000s, as the leading Italian star of online High Stakes. He was the only Italian in the history of poker to have challenged poker giants like Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom and Phil Ivery with great perseverance, never backing down. Marcello Marigliano has been a professional in gaming world for 30 years and is considered a copious winner in the world of betting.

Guiding light of UG, Marcello Marigliano makes his skills and experience available to the community, an incredible opportunity to be seized.

Filippo Battistelli, Betting Coach

“Luck does not exist: there is a moment when talent meets opportunity. Without motivation, however, there is no sacrifice: without sacrifice there is no discipline and without discipline there is no success“.

Filippo Battistelli

Former professional poker player, among the first Supernova Elite in 2010 and a record holder of 70 Sit & Go’s in one hour and 500 Sit & Go’s in 24 hours, Filippo Battistelli is our role model as Gaming Advisor, our expert gaming consultant. A professional who put himself in the game of life, he has the enthusiasm to teach and learn (“because teaching you learn“, underlines Battistelli) and was already investing in training back in 2010.

Battistelli‘s experience provides the community with an important contribution to work on the mindset and techniques of the industry, in order to become experts in this field. Our Betting Coaches will use the social channels and the platform to be always at aspiring professional bettors side, leading them in their training path.

Betting Coaching

University of Gaming and Filippo Battistelli‘s Betting team are pleased to present the private coaching offer dedicated to the Betting field. Our team of experts is available for the private consultancy experience, with paths totally focused on the skills and deficiencies of the single individuals. To find out the profiles of the coaches, the issues addressed in the private consultations, the prices and all the details, click on the link or on the photo below to access the specific page for coaching:

Betting - Private Coaching

How to contact the Betting Team

For all kind of requests of our customers, University of Gaming provides the community with a specific contact email for the Betting section, in order to have direct contact with our experts in the Betting Team:

Betting UG - contact us

Telegram community

The Telegram community, in addition to matches, will also give advice on ‘Fantacalcio’ (Fantasy Football) and will provide news on events and competitions: the editorial staff of UG website will be 360-degree concerned with gaming, betting and sports, a beacon in the field press that can count on the attentive look of the professionals of the sector, the gaming and the journalism. Lastly, from the social channels we will soon launch contests and challenges to win University of Gaming prizes: stay tuned!


Twitch live broadcasts dedicated to the field, but not only this: many big news are coming in the Betting section. Our Gaming Advisor, Filippo Battistelli, is ready to launch many services. Are you excited about this? Follow us on our social channels and stay connected!

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