University of Gaming is the first University of gaming and arises from an idea of Dario Sammartino, professional poker player ranked Number One in the All Time Italian Poker List and Runner Up Main event WSOP 2019. The poker legend and professional bettor player, Marcello Marigliano, joins the creator Dario Sammartino in the management of the school, with the role of Head of Betting Course.

We’re here to make you live a dream: to feel free to play and become professional poker players. Free of prejudices and limits, because life it self is a game”.

Dario Sammartino

About usUniversity of Gaming educates for the world of gaming, sharpens talents and works on the limits of the players. It is based on the study and teaching of skills, stimulating the brains of the students: several studies show how poker, for example, is one of the most stimulating games on a cognitive level. In short, better quality of life and a trained brain. But above all, the University fights every forms of gambling addiction, educating students only in skill games and inculcating the difference with gambling games of chance.

UG will shape students, making become them professionals, will discover the talents of tomorrow and turn their dreams into reality: to become the best player in the world.

The community, made of entrepreneurs, professional and aspiring players, will have a sharing of experiences and exchange of know-how, which will be fuel both personal and professional growth.


Poker basics video-course

Video-lessons on the fundamental concepts of MTT, Cash Game and Short Deck to start improving the personal gaming skills at the green table.

Coaching one-to-one

Private lessons with our coaches in order to work in a personalized way on your game and improve it in a more effective way.


We know how to reward our best students, they will be able to participate in our selection processes to be staked and establish themselves at high levels.

Community Betting

The Telegram channel will boast the best professionals in the field in order to be kept up to date on the world of betting, poker and sports.

Live Streaming

UG's official Twitch channel will have a schedule dedicated to Poker, Betting, Coaching, E-Sports and Gaming.


360-degree news on gaming world.

Advanced poker video courses

Advanced video lessons for experienced players.

Online Trading

Consultancies on trading of financial instruments through the web.

Crypto Trading

How to make money with Crypto currencies and how to trade with professional strategies.



University of Gaming makes the best coaches in the field available for you for the first time in Italy in order to make you learn and being inspired. We work on enhancing the strengths and analyzing the limits of the aspiring professionals, in order to overcome them. The study is based on the skill games, not on games of chances, fighting any kind of gambling addiction and teaching people how to train the brain.


The digital university will create a community made up of entrepreneurs, professional and aspiring players who will transform students into professionals through the sharing of experiences and exchange of know-how, discovering the talents of tomorrow. Learning the rules of the game, the aspiring professional poker player life and the exchange of ideas will help develop a mindset that will change our community members' lives.

Our Team

Dario Sammartino


Marcello Marigliano

Marcello Marigliano


Andrea Dato

Andrea Dato

Coach Cash Game

Filippo Battistelli

Filippo Battistelli

Coach Betting

Enrico Camosci

Guest Coach MTT

Stefano Terziani

Coach MTT

Federico Anselmi

Federico Anselmi

Coach Short Deck

Isa Pacelli

Isa Pacelli

Therapist MTI

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